Credits and Links

We would like to thank the following people who put their time into helping us make the My My My album.

No Use Pretending
Additional keyboards, programing and FX: Peter Larsen
Fall into the stars
Keyboards: Andreas Millns
Southside Sally
Guitar and Bv's: Delroy Blake
Thomas "TJ" Ross Johansen: Hammond Organ
Dave Silcox
Hot City
Ibiza Air Mix
Ricardo Autobahn
7th District
Phil Chanel for
Danny Jay for
Eque tweek and Mix feedback: Richard Evans
Set The Sun Alight EP mastered by: Thomas "TJ" Ross Johansen
All other tracks mastered by: Streaky @ Streaky Mastering
Andreas is Published by: Tony Barlo @
AnR: Joe Taylor for
Radio plugging by: Bjorn Hall, and Jonathan Pool and Steve Tandy @ Cop Media
Artwork and logo: Richard Reynolds Vandenplads
Photos: Ruth Ogilvy
Close and styling: Jonathan Loe
And many thanks to:
Michell, Ruth Ogilvy, Nico Defrost, Thomas TJ Johansen, Johnny Stage, Paul Tarry, Richard Evans, Peter Larsen, Jonathan Loe, Richard Laptorn, Ersan, Yanni and Jessica Jones.

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